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2017/10/12 – 2017/11/26 Museum of Communication Berlin and Nürnberg

Welcome to my Photography Website!

My name is Ute Herzog – alias La Üt – I am street photographer based in Berlin.

I love what I do and I do what I love

My fascination with photography started when I was a small child. I realized early on that my self-built Lego camera would never just shoot one photo.

The years passed by – many, many years – and through countless paths and detours, I eventually landed at photography. I guess I got lucky!

I am an individual that is not easily held captive and that doesn’t like to plan everything in detail. I love spontaneity and to give coincidental encounters a chance at becoming unforgettable by capturing them with my camera.
That’s why my true passion is in street photography. Because here especially, this one moment counts. To have the right eye for that one picture in that one very second. A picture that will never again repeat itself.

This is what makes a day unforgettable.
That’s what my heart is burning for!

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